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RARBG Alternatives – Explore Your Options

In RARBG you will find torrents of series, movies, videogames or music without invasive advertising and perfectly organized ready for download.

When downloading torrents, it is easy to find many websites that offer them, but that does not convince us at all. More than anything by a large amount of invasive advertising of dubious reputation that we can find in them, opening or knowing how many tabs in the browser. That’s why you should save as gold in rarbg cloth.

rarbg alternatives

An excellent torrent site very organized


This portal offers all its content in a very systematic way. Here we can find the torrents in different categories, in addition to the usual search engine in this type of webs. But it is not the only function that it offers us. Keep reading and discover what the characteristics of this portal that can serve as an alternative to websites (some already closed) such as Elitetorrent, ExtraTorrent, or Kickass Torrents are:


  1. Find content grouped by categories: movies, television series, music, videogames, software, adult content.
  2. Explore the news section.
  3. Register as a user and save your settings for use.
  4. Access previews of the content through images before downloading.


Access RARBG through a VPN


As mentioned above, access can be made using a RARBG unlocking website, also known as a proxy or mirror. However, using a RARBG proxy or a mirror server also has some disadvantages. It allows you to access the website. However, a RARBG mirror can offer you a low level of privacy. If you want total privacy when browsing a RARBG proxy torrent, you should consider using a VPN.


A VPN is a private network that works in conjunction with a public network, allowing its users to collect and send data as connected to that private network. A VPN will make it look like it is connecting from a different IP address than it has and can also offer you a different location. Of course, this does not mean that if you access the unlocked RARBG site through a VPN, everything you do is 100% secure.


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